Review taken from Keeping Up With Kay Flawless

People feet wearing trainers

When you are constantly on your feet, comfort is key. We’ve all been there when we’ve worn some uncomfortable flats to the airport and instantly regretted it. That’s why it is better to be prepared with these fabulous trainers from ONES, which provide ultimate support and comfort for days when you are on the go.

Whilst they aren’t a fashion statement, I can say for sure they make up for this by being one of the most comfortable shoes EVER. With memory-foamed soles and premium soft neoprene uppers, these trainers make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Not only are they unisex, but they are super easy to throw on and lace up.

Available in black and white, the Cooksley Trainers from ONES are ultimately one of the best shoes for comfort on the market. A super versatile shoe that is easily thrown on without the fuss of ruining your outfit and are perfect for long walks, runs and your journeys!

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