Surreal moment of quiet contemplation

Surreal moment of quiet contemplation

A surreal moment of quiet contemplation. 😌
Here I am waiting to go into dinner at the National Running Show 2020 – a room full of experts within their fields. Here’s me, looking at my feet, staring at the trainers I am wearing, these are my own brand ‘Ones’….OMG WOW. 🤩
I had a sudden memory flashback to sitting just like this at edge of the bed at Ronald McDonald House, building the strength and courage to go see my girls in hospital….. the mantra ….’just take One Step at a time and we soon will be home.’

Today this fantastic trainer that wraps my feet with comfort, warmth and bliss, one I created and designed, one I have managed to get to manufacture – every stitch represents every step we have taken as a family to get this point. Its absolutely mind blowing!🤯 So I tell myself…. ‘take a deep breath and take One Step into the room, you got this Si.’ 🙏🏼💕 Every Journey starts with One Step.👟

Written by: ones_admin

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