Being thankful for the good days

Being thankful for the good days

Mia went from enjoying her first family wedding, dancing, playing and giggling with cousins last week.

To spiking a serious fever and being admitted to hospital the next day. 😱Everyone’s still talking about how well Mia looked and how happy she was at the party yet she was hooked up to IV antibiotics as her fever spiralled uncontrollably from flu! 🥵🤒

So many emotions, high and low, all within 1 week.
We are home now, but this week Mia can’t even go to nursery as she’s isolated due to weakened immune system! ☹️

This episode was a stark reminder of not taking life for granted….being in the moment, the present… taking one step, embracing the good, being grateful for the good days.
One step at a time we got through those 3 longs days and even longer nights!
Every journey starts with one step.

Written by: ones_admin

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