Talking with Wolves FC for the ‘Heads Up’ Campaign

Talking with Wolves FC for the ‘Heads Up’ Campaign

On Friday 14th February, I was invited to talk at the Wolves vs Leicester football game, about the work I’ve been doing around men’s mental health, with the heads 4 health project driven by the Wolves Foundation and supported by the Football Association’s ‘Heads Up’ Campaign. 

The ‘Heads Up’ Campaign 

The ‘Heads Up’’ campaign is one run by the Premier League, and led by Prince William, with the aim to kick off a conversation around Mental Health. 

On 8th-9th February and 14th-17th February, The Premier League dedicated its Matchweek 26 fixtures to raising awareness and encouraging conversation around Mental Health. Using the power of football, the campaigns aim was to generate large-scale conversation about mental wellbeing, to highlight that Mental Health is just as important as Physical Health. 

In a series of videos, Premier League players revealed how they dealt with stress and difficult situations within their career, in the bid to help others improve their mental wellbeing by spreading the message to #kickoffaconversation. 

Wolves Foundation 

Wolverhampton Wanderers Foundation is the charity for Wolves FC, which help to deliver initiatives with the aim of educating and inspiring communities, for a better way of life through health, activeness, confidence, to reach and achieve aspirations. 

With this in mind, Wolves were behind the initiative and wanted to support it, and invited me to speak out about my journey. 

My Story and ‘Heads 4 Health 

The Heads 4 Health campaign is something close to my heart, as I know how important it is to talk openly about your mental health issues, and how important it is to look after your mental wellbeing. To me, the campaign has helped to highlight the power of talking – that feeling better can start with a simple conversation, and that we need to support one another in normalising mental health struggles and talking about feelings. 

No matter what your journey is, it is important to always talk about your emotions and what is going on in your mind. 

Every journey starts with ‘OneStep’ 


Written by: Simon

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